Daily Archives: February 20, 2007



I've been scouring the web trying to find some teacher friendly resources to help my staff colleagues get into using del.icio.us. Why del.icio.us? Well, there are a host of social networking sites out there and some of them have more innovative features and more elegant graphical interfaces than del.icio.us, but no one has a bigger user base and for educators, that is a big attraction. I held an hour workshop on Monday after school and went through some of the basics in an effort to get the staff using online bookmarking as a way of tracking their growing base of useful websites. After all, I have heard the cry of "My Bookmarks are gone!" quite a few times already.

Here's what I found.

David Muir's excellent PDF Guide - Simply Del.icio.us. (Published in 2005 so is missing information about some of the latest features like the network and subscriptions but is very teacher friendly for those who are not overly web savvy.)

John Pederson's Using Del.icio.us in Education. (Saved as a Google document, but it's probably aimed a little bit higher than the average classroom teacher - more a guide for the early adopter IMHO.)

Quentin D'Souza's Social bookmarking tools part of his wiki (covers a broader area than just del.icio.us, but led me to the next find.)

Andrew Brown's brilliant screencast (basically covers everything I tried to get in my workshop in under two and a half minutes.)

Are there any other gems out there with "teacher-friendly" stamped all over them?