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There's less than a week to the 2007 TALO Swapmeet here in Adelaide and I've managed to negotiate a day away from my classroom to step into the unknown with a number of key nodes on my Learning Network. network2.jpg

It's hard to verbally justify the connection to my current work but I think it's important to explore other sector's points of view when it comes to online technologies and e-learning is a big push in DECS, even if what it means is very open for debate. As I try to pull together the threads of exploration from my e-Portfolio research, an opportunity to consult some alternative opinions is too good to pass up. Out of respect to the students in my care, I won't be pushing my attendance into the Friday, although any TALOians wishing to check out a typical primary school/classroom struggling with what impact exponential technology has on its students, are more than welcome. (I might make Alex come by before he heads off for Day 2, even if it's just to meet the kids who created the mobile phone posters that sparked an evening of creativity between himself and Anne Paterson.)

Being a member on TALO is a funny feeling for me - some regular posters feel so familiar but others seem to be worlds away from my education nesting hole. So much that I have no idea how to connect to them, what common issues we might have to discuss. But looking at the Frappr Map Alex posted on the wiki planning page shows a lot of names that post far less than me (if that's possible) - a huge amount of lurkin' goin' on. And after next Thursday, I'll be a bit more comfortable with some of those names and maybe the conversation might flow a bit more.

Anyway, there's bound to be some pictures and podcasts and blog posts coming out of this Unconference event - it's going to be very interesting for this wide eyed observer.