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I volunteered to be a school based presenter at the "Want to know more about interactive whiteboards?" event being held over two days here at Flinders University and had about twenty eager teachers in my workshop. I got to duck in to hear Dave Miller, the UK IWB expert over here for this event and then it was off to my room at my old Teachers' College stomping ground at Sturt, now absorbed as part of the Uni. There I met Laurie Quigg, head of Commander's Promethean IWB sales in Australia who helped get me set up and tried to get the portable ACTIVboard communicating to my laptop. Unfortunately, the board's USB cable didn't want to communicate and I had to improvise as people started to wander into the room. Laurie apologised for leaving me to "wing it" but luckily a Tablet works very similarly to an IWB and I still went ahead with my presentation.

After apologising to the group for events beyond my control (they had paid to come along after all) I laid out how I could still cover my ground even if I had left my handouts back at school! It seemed to go OK - I won't post a copy of my flipchart here as it has some recycled pages and has a couple of embedded YouTube videos that may not go too well on the web. I did give the group this blog address and said to check it Friday for the links from the handout so they could get my list - apologies if you've seen these before in prior presentations and posts.

Interactive Whiteboards In The Classroom

Graham Wegner
Lockleys North Primary School
22nd March, 2007.

Presentation Footnotes:

Adopt and Adapt by Marc Prensky http://www.edutopia.org/magazine/ed1article.php?id=Art_1423&issue=dec_05

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - A New Way To Look At Ourselves and Our Kids by Marc Prensky http://www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky%20-%20Digital%20Natives,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf

ACTIVboards by Promethean – information about the products, plus links to resources developed by teachers worldwide.

Activboarding – blog maintained by Graham on the topic of the school IWB journey.

More blog resources at Graham’s personal professional blog, Teaching Generation Z, in the category, Interactive Whiteboards.

Browse, read and use the various online resources collected at http://del.icio.us/tag/interactive_whiteboards

For those of you who attended and are having your first look at my blog, I hope the workshop was useful. Feel free to look around and leave a comment, especially in feedback about the demonstration or any questions.

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