What Technology Does For Me

Leonard Low points out that an effective way of getting educators on board with new technologies is to focus on the outcomes gained by technology use, not the technologies themselves. He says:-

By first demonstrating the application of technology, and providing a clear picture of the goal - how it might improve teaching and learning - we can help educators to better understand why they might want to become more proficient with educational technology tools, even before they start grappling with them.

So, if I wanted to sum up my own payoff for engaging with web based tools as an incentive for others to follow my lead, it could read something like this.

  • I get to experience other people's classroom practice.
  • Other people listen and respond to my ideas.
  • Others suggest resources and advice with my needs and interests in mind.
  • I find empathy and sympathy for my professional frustrations.
  • I talk with and network with educators worldwide.
  • My ideas and words are quoted and used by others in their professional work.
  • New and emerging trends come to my notice.
  • My work can be retrieved and used by anyone with a web connection.

Any other obvious ones I should include?

Attribution: Image: 'Technology won9t save you.' by hfabulous

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3 thoughts on “What Technology Does For Me

  1. Jody Hayes

    I would also include …
    * not locked into a time frame – can access PD and conversations at a time that suits you, not just what time staff meeting happens to be
    * frank discussions of ideas without constraints
    * current, not having to go through the oftne long process to get to publication – and seeing what people think about it rather than just your own response – worldwide not just your own neighbourhood or country

  2. Graham Wegner

    Jody, thanks very much for your additions. I think that they are definitely ones I’d want to include and maybe the other big bonus is that blogging is a form of publication for educators who may never have ever been published before.

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