Daily Archives: April 3, 2007

Here we go _ live blogging with Mike Seyfang on "What 2 Can Do For You?" He's just polled the audience on who knows about Web 2.0 and got a good response. There were less hands for the poll on who was enthusiastic about Web 2.0, who was luke warm. and who thinks it's all hype! Luckily I was in a blogging corner with Vonnie and we gave back positive vibes as Mike described his outline. As described in his blog, attempting to ban all harmful or dangerous sites or tools on the web is like trying to grab a blancmange.

He showed a video mashup of an interview with Kevin Richardson with Nick Hodge where the point was made that the most interesting tools being used by kids are not accessible within the school environment. After a second blancmange video, he then outlined his vision of the "virtual fieldtrip or excursion". He describes it best in his original post but he goes into further detail. The scenario described researching Wikipedia on Australian Governor Generals and getting students to spot errors in the content.

Mile then gave us a demo of Twitter and described it as the bridging technology between mobile phones and the internet on computers. More to come after I digest the issues. . . .

Update: CEGSA Educator of The Year is Judy Beal - well done!