Off To See Jimmy

I know I said that he wasn't worth $300 of my money when I can watch so much of him on the web already. But when Al Upton e-mailed a deal "Half price to see the expensive man" I got in quick and got the MYLU team tickets to his Adelaide seminar.

We've been planning some aspects of our unit of work on community today and a contribution to Wikiville from our middle school cohort seems to be on the agenda. So the seminar is very timely in all of our MYLU teachers being on the same (wiki) page when it comes to the power and collaboration of knowledge sharing via the wiki format. Add to that a big interactive whiteboard user research group interview tonight where the question was asked, "How do interactive whiteboards help with student's own knowledge creation?" and the conversations that will come from a team of people discussing issues raised by this seminar in grappling with that question will be timely and invaluable.

I know Marc Prensky's visit last year has had a lasting effect in our school even though only Annabel and I attended. Even though I'm ready to leave certain metaphors behind, there are still a few "digital immigrants" trading on that expression - thankfully, not in the guise of an excuse.

Should be good. Most teachers like a discount.

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