Daily Archives: May 15, 2007


Darren Draper posted recently on the use of mobile phones in classrooms and called for more international data on mobile phone ownership amongst K- 12 school students. I gathered my data from our 4 middle school classes and sent it on. But if Darren is gain a good overall picture of this trend, he needs more contributions beyond the US state of Utah and one Aussie contribution tacked on. So, I'm appealing to any of you reading this blog who teach K-12 kids - take a quick informal poll in your classroom, ask who owns a mobile (cell) phone, count the hands in the air, put that number plus the total number of students in your class into an e-mail and send it off to darren.draper [at] gmail.com. I'm sure he'll even do the percentage calculation for you if you want but it's worth gaining as much data as possible.

Help the poor guy out. Send him your stats ASAP.

Attribution: Image: 'Phon-ey Call' by makelessnoise