Daily Archives: May 30, 2007


Had a very interesting and informative evening with parents and some staff from my school exploring some of the issues and aspects of the internet from their kids' point of view. It's Safe Schools Week here in Australia and so it was good timing to do this event as part of the school's series of Parent Information Sessions. I tried to cover the area of what kids are going online to do these days and not to play up the "internet danger" angle. I've uploaded the slides to SlideShare for your perusal and re-use if you feel inclined and the handout sheet for the parents can be downloaded here. No audio as it was a guided discussion as much as anything and I was also a learner along the way. I need to research more on things like MSN chat as it is an application kids at our school use frequently but I never touch. A big thanks to all of my colleagues who came on a week night to support me and share the learning - the parents must have appreciated it as there was a round of applause at the end!

[slideshare id=57320&doc=parent-internet-awareness-night-27713&w=425]