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I'm keeping tabs on the excitement around the Edubloggercon meetup that preceded the start of the big NECC event in the States overnight. It seems the best way to access what some of my contacts / colleagues in this part of the world is via twitter. As news, links and tidbits come to light, they are posted to twitter and I've been checking out the flickr feed and reading the scattered posts. I made the comment to Jeff Utecht via Skype chat that the pics reminded me of "a TALO Swapmeet on steroids". That might be the best way to describe what I sense about this interesting event so that it makes sense to my VTE blogging colleagues down under and across the ditch in the Shaky Isles.  And Ewan makes an interesting observation about the way the Edubloggercon organised itself that is worth a read. But the fun part is trying to identify as much of these edubloggers that I read as I can via these photos. Would be great to be there - looks like they needs a few more Aussies.

Image: DSC02214 by BCrosby
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One thought on “Twitter – Gateway 2 NECC

  1. Julie Lindsay

    Graham, we all wish you were here. It has been the most fantastic conference! I am the one in your pic in the green stripy looking top with my back to you…..and I am Australian! I agree, not enough international representation at Edubloggercon, or at NECC in general!


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