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Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the irony of following a post calling for greater global understanding with one that is full of colloquial cliches and references but as I've stated many times on this blog before, we are all hypocrites somewhere along the line. And I am trying (very trying at times) to be a bit tongue-in-cheek here.

Dear Jo, John, Joseph and Warrick,

I need some advice. You see, I've been invited to be a presenter for a VITTA conference on Blogging in Education in late August. (Jo reminded me via twitter last night.) And Melbourne being the cultural capital of Australia, I'm keen to do the right thing and present myself and my ideas in the best possible light. This could be somewhat difficult considering I'm a rural boy at heart and a bit of a cultural Philistine - going to such a big city could bring out my worst tendencies. So, here are some things that I considered might NOT be good ideas when I walk into my presentation to be confronted by 20+ Victorian educators wanting to learn more about the connections between blogging and their chosen profession.

(1) Talking about how cold/bad/bizarre the weather is in Melbourne. I'm told on good authority that is a sensitive issue.

(2) Wearing my Port Power scarf and my "Kick A Vic" footy T-shirt.

(3) Bragging about how Adelaide has recently purchased new trams. Apparently, this mode of transport isn't the big novelty it is back home.

(4) Whining about the cost of food/transport or the amount of time it takes to get anywhere - after all, Victorians live these realities every day!

(5) Making disparaging remarks about James Farmer - it doesn't really make sense to slag off the edublogs landlord and even though he is a local hero, apparently he knows a thing or two about online media.

Any other obvious faux pas I should be aware of, Victorian edubloggers?

Image: 'BeeeeeeeeR' by YnR