Daily Archives: July 20, 2007


Started us off by apologizing that it was impossible to run his slides due to the videoconferencing link up. So he utilized large slabs of paper to hand draw his points.Then pointed out that he had recently read that most teachers fall into the category of SJ (sensing and judging category) - preferring sequential and step by step instruction, structure and groups. Pointed out that common characteristics of a teacher are exactly what the web is not! Transmission model but - Learning is not remembering. Multiplication tables is touted as good example of the need for rote learning - but this doesn't translate into real life if you don't have mathematical common sense. Pointed out that darts players have these mathematical instincts because they can attach meaning to the calculations.

What is knowledge? Knowledge is like finding Waldo. Once you have found him you cannot unfind him. That's knowledge. He then moved onto the ideas of Personal Learning and Network Learning. Pull is much better than push, only accessing what you want. Learning is a habit - publishing his newsletter is the way he builds habits into his learning. Simple is good - see Google as an example of user design made simple. Relevance is to do with flow, function and need. Networks is about associationist learning is the forming of connections.

As for as live blogging goes, my laptop is not cooperating and so I'm going to rely on my iRiver recording sitting on the table at the front of the room to listen properly to the whole talk again. And that will have to wait until after my own presentation up next.

More later!

Update: Now listening to the audio and it's not too bad. I'll upload the audio somewhere so Stephen can access it for his reference. (He'll be able to finally be able to hear where the audience reaction kicked in.)