My 4slidecomp Entry

[slideshare id=88700&doc=graham-wegner4216&w=425]

Here's my shot at Dan Meyer's 4slidecomp. The task is to pitch yourself in 4 slides or less into your next job, career, university course, whatever. In a nice gesture, Dan even emailed me inviting me to "have a go" as I enjoy playing around in Photoshop (GIMP still is beyond my comfort zone) and I have an untutored interest in a lot of the design ideas that he and others like Garr Reynolds explore. I probably haven't kept it simple enough but I've tried to show three stages of evolution through a career that is just gathering momentum now. I did find out that there are very few decent photos of me in my professional life and the ones I've used aren't ideal but hopefully still sell the message about me. There's still a day or two left (depending on where you reside on the globe) so you budding digital artists, there's still time to tell the story of you.

In 4 slides or less.

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5 thoughts on “My 4slidecomp Entry

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  2. Michael Ashby

    Hey Graham

    Finally found your blog 🙂
    Your slide show looks good

    GIMP is a comfy as a new pair of shoes, slightly troublesome at first, but wear it in and its really nice 🙂


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