Contestant’s Choice

From Twitter this afternoon, Australian time.

Christian Long BeckettsDad celebrates alone while wife, dogs, and kiddo sleep gently. Why? He just finished reviewing all of the DY/Dan blog '4 Slide Sales Pitches'! about 6 hours ago from web Icon_star_empty

Graham Wegner grahamwegner @BeckettsDad. Another way to judge the 4slidecomp would be to get the contestants to name their favourite (apart from their own). about 5 hours ago from web in reply to BeckettsDad Icon_star_empty Icon_trash 

Here's mine - Neil Winton, UK. Great message, brilliant visuals, simple design. Everything I wanted mine to be.

[slideshare id=90232&doc=me-in-4-slides3692&w=425]

A close second for me is Glenn Moses' succinct effort.

[slideshare id=89130&doc=four-slide-contest-me-as-a-teacher-21531&w=425]

Who would you choose? 

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One thought on “Contestant’s Choice

  1. Neil Winton

    Thanks for the nod. And I am completely humbled to think that my slides have been shown to teachers in Australia… even more so that Paul (my son) has made his presentation in a country I can only dream of visiting.

    This truly is a flat earth… (even if I prefer Scotland to UK!)



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