Daily Archives: August 22, 2007


arthurdent1.jpgI hate dressing up. I inwardly groan at the prospect of special events like Book Week Parades and the staff "peer pressure" to join in. This year I thought I had the solution to my costumophobia as today's Parade loomed large on the theme of Outer Space when I remembered an old favourite book of mine, the classic "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy." I decided I would go as Arthur Dent - the only costume extra required being my dressing gown.

Fortunately, 🙁 , one of my colleagues decided to capture my rapturous joy for all to enjoy. But on reflection, the choice of Arthur Dent is a pretty good metaphor for me and my educational forays with technology. First of all, Arthur Dent is dragged into his own saga against his own will and spends his life in his dressing gown wishing he were somewhere else. Sums up my attitude to school based costume events. And the concept of a Guide that covers every topic in the Universe - well, that's not so far fetched anymore - not with Wikipedia, mobile devices and the internet.

That Douglas Adams was a pretty smart guy.