Daily Archives: August 27, 2007


As I prepare for my own "Blogging For Professional Learning" presentation/workshop for my brief soiree to Melbourne on Thursday,  it's great to see the creative juices flowing elsewhere on my network. As the numbers for my two hour sessions at the Live to learn, learn to blog event are on the smaller side, I've been thinking that a more hands on, "check this out together" approach might be best with my slideshow (proudly crafted in OpenOffice Impress, I might add) which at 23 slides allows for plenty of online excursions, distractions and expansions. The slideshow is just the glue that will hold the whole deal together - I hope!

[slideshare id=96859&doc=melbblogging567&w=425]

But if you haven't already encountered this masterpiece by Alex  Hayes, then you need to check it out. Maybe it's the bung knee, the impending birth of his new son or the fact he has mastered the leveraging of his diverse online network but this overview of mobile learning for the Canberra CIT National TAFE conference is brilliant on so many angles. Can't wait till he adds the audio.

[slideshare id=97869&doc=28082007-alexander-hayes3361&w=425]

Very cool.