Online Aussie Survey Stats

Some interesting statistics from my inflight magazine that I think I'll present to my sessions this afternoon.

Forrester Research conducted their "Forrester Consumer Technology Adoption Survey" where they found that 11 % of online Australians frequent Social Networking sites (compared to 9 % in the US). 41 % of online Aust'ns use instant messaging and apparently 6 % publish and regularly update a blog!

Source: "The Matrix Of Web 2.0" August 2007, VirginBlue Voyeur magazine.  

Wonder how those statistics would stack up if the education community was the sole target of the survey? What about our students?    

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One thought on “Online Aussie Survey Stats

  1. Jane Nicholls

    It’s interesting when you find statistics that are close to home. A lot of time we take British or US statistics and try to make them fit our societies. It would be interesting to see the ages of the 11% who visit social networking sites.


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