Daily Archives: September 4, 2007


It's my turn to have a go at spreading something viral. Anyone who's been reading or been within earshot of me when I harp on my pet subject on how teachers need to change will be familiar with my use of the term "Open Educator". To me, it's about being open and reflective with your practice, free with your ideas and resources and committed to tearing down barriers that prevent us from being enclosed in our own work spaces.

It's about being prepared to share expertise and learn from others regardless of country, sector, system or role. To that end, I've created an Open Educator badge, in tasteful coordinated colours sitting proudly in my sidebar. This is better than an award because the status of Open Educator is one you give yourself and that you endeavour to honour with your actions and words both online and off. I've made it in three sizes, just download or link to have it displayed. I'd love to show newcomers how many of us are out there are committed to this ideal.

openeducator3.jpgopeneducator2.jpg openeducator.jpg