Proud To Be An Open Educator

It's my turn to have a go at spreading something viral. Anyone who's been reading or been within earshot of me when I harp on my pet subject on how teachers need to change will be familiar with my use of the term "Open Educator". To me, it's about being open and reflective with your practice, free with your ideas and resources and committed to tearing down barriers that prevent us from being enclosed in our own work spaces.

It's about being prepared to share expertise and learn from others regardless of country, sector, system or role. To that end, I've created an Open Educator badge, in tasteful coordinated colours sitting proudly in my sidebar. This is better than an award because the status of Open Educator is one you give yourself and that you endeavour to honour with your actions and words both online and off. I've made it in three sizes, just download or link to have it displayed. I'd love to show newcomers how many of us are out there are committed to this ideal.

openeducator3.jpgopeneducator2.jpg openeducator.jpg

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9 thoughts on “Proud To Be An Open Educator

  1. gregc5

    Hi Graham.
    “good on ya mate” – to quote good Ausie-speak.
    Just to clarify though …”committed to tearing down barriers that prevent us from being enclosed in our own work spaces.” not sure I get this bit. Do you mean ‘breaking down barriers that enclose us in our own workspaces’?
    I love the fact I can tap into your thinking in my bloglines, combine it with Tony Ryan face-to-face and nick some good ideas from Jane Nicholls via email and all in the same day. As Warlick says we are so connected.

  2. mscofino

    Fantastic Graham! I always find it so amazing that those of us that have never met can share so much, but often times the person down the hall that we see every day keeps all their great ideas to themselves. Thanks for being a model of openness! I’ll be adding an open educator badge to my blog asap 🙂

  3. Derek

    we’ve got open resources, open classrooms, open education – it’s time we had open educators – take the empahsis away from the the “things” and focus on those who are making the difference. I totally agree that the notion of openness as you’ve summarised here is strongly linked with the practice of reflection and inquiry as professionals. Those dispositions tend to generate an openness in attitude and practice as a matter of consequence. well done Graham.

  4. Alexander Hayes

    Brings to the fore Graham the underpinning elements of critical discourse and recourse for those considered as the “closed” educator. Snapped…… shut.

    Societal expectation of educators and declarations of independent thinking outside and/or as blended reality of institutions has an undeniable repercussion. Open-ness……let me muse on that one.

    ‘Proud to be an educator’ suits me.

    I chose that over ‘teacher’ which has connotations of faith, faith, faith.

    I pledge allegiance to the United States Of Equity and Independence as an Educator. There is no flag.

    They’d be burning it in Hyde Park, Sydney today otherwise.

    Good idea. Great concept. Massive discussion.

  5. Graham Wegner

    Of course the term “open” can mean different things to different people which can be an advantage as well as a problem. Karyn, you’re definitely an Open Educator in my book and I appreciate everyone else weighing in with their approval. Of course, Alex, you bring a new slant to the terminology when you ponder the meaning of openness in any educational setting. It could be just about being prepared to be reflective where others can listen in, it’s about Nancy White’s idea of “looking over each other’s shoulders” and it could be about challenging the status quo. Everyone has varying comfort levels about how much influence they can and should wield in their vision of the future of learning – witness the clashing of perspectives following Jeff Utecht’s recent post. I’m not sure if society should be reschooling or deschooling – either way, I can do my bit to wedge conversation open a bit further. Open is just allowing others a look into your practice, your thoughts, your world view – it’s the only way we can get the closed educators to change their ways.


  6. Jean

    I am a novice blogger but have proudly added your Open Educator badge to my fledgling blog. I am looking forward to exploring, lurking and eventually participating.


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