Daily Archives: September 17, 2007


During James Farmer's recent keynote at the "Live To Learn, Learn To Blog" event my new mobile went off midstream, causing me to scramble for the nearest exit, cursing under my breath that I wished I had at least worked out how to put it on silent before travelling to Melbourne. It was Alex Hayes who was calling from Orange Base Hospital shortly after the birth of his son, Ethan, with an offer to be part of a NSW TAFE Regional event. He wanted me to explore my thoughts around the concept of the PLE - the Personal Learning Environment.

Unfortunately, the timing of the event conflicted with work and family commitments so I had to decline the offer of a trip to Sydney. But I thought that I'd at least try and hammer out what I would have covered and wanted to say. I'm not an expert and there are plenty of academics and other experts publishing their take on the concept so I definitely wanted to put a more grassroots perspective out there to add to the conversation. I've put together a slidecast which was pretty easy to construct. It's just a shade over 15 minutes in length (which is plenty long enough for anyone browsing this on my blog) and has areas that need further detail and explanation. But if Alex can use it tomorrow in his event, well, that's a bonus and I welcome any conversation that comes this way.

This also helps me get past the fact that my proposal for the K12 Online Conference fail to spin its wheels past the submission stage. Your opinions welcome in the comments.