Daily Archives: November 8, 2007

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Wow, I feel pretty stuffed right now after a big day culminating in our school's Open Night to launch our new school vision. These things are a pretty big deal and usually dictate school priorities and direction for a five year period. Our vision included 18 statements and coincidentally our school has 18 classes so the launch had each classroom buddied up with another to create a display/activity/interaction on their two statements in their classrooms to get the school community in tune.

The major statement for my classroom was : Are technologically savvy and are able to use the world wide web to assist them to learn. That was a pretty good statement to score and we set up the new wireless laptops to show a web enabled learning area in the classroom as part of our efforts. You can check out some of the sites I used in the room with the kids as laptop coaches at - http://del.icio.us/wegner/opennight

By the way, one part of the launch was the use of these fabulous posters designed by a parent using student illustrations around the school to "sell" the vision. Look carefully at the illustrations and you will see that our Global Project has had a major impact on my class' thoughts.techsavvy.jpg