Daily Archives: November 15, 2007


Trying something different here - the class had an excellent excursion the other day gathering digital artefacts for our Global Project and re-acquainting themselves with their own home city. I could describe the day blow by blow, how we leveraged digital technology, how fantastic the class were, how the temperature climbed to 34 degrees Celcius, etc. but I opened up the floor to one of my class members to be a guest blogger. I'd like to say I was inundated with offers (I wasn't!) but one brave student tapped out her version of the day. So, here's TinyTeddy (her online alias) and her recount of the day plus two of her own photos from the day. We're gradually adding more of the students' images to our new flickr account. Enjoy.

On our excursion we caught a bus from school and it took us through North Tce to the Colonel William Light statue. We then sat on the grass and Mr. Wegner told us some facts about him. One of the facts was that he was buried in Light Square, which is one of the five squares in the city of Adelaide. Another fact was that memorial was put up in 1843, the memorial was crumbled to bits and was replaced in 1905. We all then took pictures of the Colonel William Light statue, next we walked down the path behind the big tree near the Colonel William Light statue.

That led us to the Adelaide Oval but we could not go close to the gate because there were council workers working in the inside of the gates. We then found a green patch of grass and sat down because Mr. Wegner was going to tell us some facts about Adelaide Oval. Soon after we walked along the path and came across the River Torrens because it was just opposite to us, we had to cross the road at the lights. When we crossed to the other side we walked on the bridge and kept on walking until we reached the River Torrens. When we got there we all went close to the River Torrens and took pictures of the swans and the fountains. We then sat down on the grass and ate our recess. Once everyone had finished their recess we walked along the foot path and came across the Festival Theatre.

We all went up to the Festival Theatre and took pictures of the art display (they were quite fascinating). We all then walked up the stairs and sat on pieces of art. (We all enjoyed it). We then walked around and went out to North Tce for us to go to the Parliament House. We all sat on the stairs in front of the Parliament House. Mr. Wegner then told us some facts about the Parliament House. One of them was that it took 5 years to build the Parliament House.

Next we went to catch a tram but when we were at the tram line the tram was stuck about 10 metres away. So then we had to walk just in front of Rundle Mall because luckily there was a tram stop there. The tram took us to the next tram line for us then to walk down the street to an Asian restaurant for us to eat lunch.

The restaurant was called Mong Kok which means shared lunch.

We then got into our tables and sat down. The waiters first brought out two bottles of water and glasses. They then brought out the food which was Dumplings, fried rice with vegetables and Spring rolls. For dessert some of us tried coconut jelly and some of us liked it and some of us didn’t! Once everyone had finished eating we went to China Town which was opposite from us. We all went walking through China Town and some of us took pictures of the lanterns and some of the shops. We then stopped in front of the Central Market and Mr. Wegner said “It’s too crowded and narrow.” We then walked out of China Town and turned right and kept walking till the end of the foot path because there is a tram line on the opposite side. We then were right next to the tram line the tram had come but it was too packed so we waited eight minutes for another one to come. The next one then came but it wasn’t the one that we needed to get on. So we had to wait another eight minutes for the next tram to come. Then finely the tram came and we all went on it. We had to wait about ten stops until it said Glenelg. Finally the tram stopped at Glenelg and we hopped out of the tram.

We then went up to the statue with the ship on top and took pictures of that. We then walked up to the jetty but we didn’t actually walk along it. We then took pictures of the beach and went up to this twirly squiggly line on the grass. We all then jumped on it and about three of us took pictures. Then two of our parents bought soft serves for all of us from McDonalds. (We all enjoyed our soft serves). We then turned right and walked straight past the Beach House, the big grass area and walked up to the round about. Luckily the bus came and picked us up. It took us back to school.