21st Century Learning – Invent It While It’s Happening.

Tomorrow morning, I will be connecting in to a Centra session (think proprietary online conferencing tool) to see if my school can be a contender for a 3 year research project that has "What should 21st century learning look like?" as its central question. The irony of such a question struck me in such a way that I just had to head to my favourite online comic strip creator and put something together.

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7 thoughts on “21st Century Learning – Invent It While It’s Happening.

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  2. SouthOz

    Hi Graham,
    The “and beyond….” is a critical part of what 21st century learning looks like in the classroom ….” with increased connectivity and collaboration, new tools and new pedagogies. Personalised learning and new learning spaces (physical and virtual) are on the agenda with Future SACE (secondary curriculum revision in South Australia) and research by Becta and Curriculum Corporation (Australia).
    Sadly, seven years in and there’s such a long way to go.
    Good luck in the edublog awards.

  3. Annabel Howard

    Hi Graham
    I can comment now! Thank you Jeff!!

    I am going to incorporate thecomic program into my teaching over the next week.

    I know the class will really like it.

  4. Travis

    Hi Graham,

    I think mixbook.com could be used as tool for student assignments in this 21st century. Its easy but requires good collaboration. Thanks, and great posts!

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