An Excuse To Try Out Kwout

I wanted to try the new cut'n'display tool kwout since learning about it on Jane's ELearning Pick Of The Day, and this was the perfect excuse. I don't know much about these awards but it seems I did a bit better here than in the Eddies!! I did mention this one on Twitter but wasn't too worried about being a vote soliciting hypocrite because I didn't see any of my online peers listed in these particular awards. As for how the finalists were selected, I'm not too sure..... | Helping Bloggers Succeed via kwout

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3 thoughts on “An Excuse To Try Out Kwout

  1. ken

    Any press is good press, right?

    But just for balance:

    Second place is first loser.

    That’s what my dad used to tell me.

    I’ve never climbed out of this hole…

  2. Graham Wegner

    @Alison. I think the quality is OK although it is distorted here on the blog because my grab was more pixels wide than my blog posting will normally accommodate. Normally I would just use PrtSc and then clean up what I wanted in Photoshop Elements.
    @ken. I was never one for competitive situations – my parents discouraged any involvement in sport (mainly because farm work was higher on the priority list than dragging the kids off to play footy or tennis) so first is not a place with which I’m familiar. My athletic highlight in high school was running equal last in a sprint once – at least I wasn’t by myself in my ineptitude!!


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