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kiwis.jpgI think the Kiwis are doing a lot of things right for teachers. They know how to get the focus right in a number of ways. They don't use technology titles for their conferences. They use great names like ULearn and Learning@School. They give regular classroom teachers the opportunity to step out of the classroom and spread their expertise to others. People like Jane Nicholls and Allanah King. I'd like to see that happen more here in South Australia.

Hmmm... Probably no surprise that there seems to be a whole swag of classroom based bloggers in the Land Of The Long White Cloud - try Chrissy Hellyer, Lynne Crowe, Rachel Boyd, Greg Carroll, Simon Evans and David from Turning The Supertanker.

And there's plenty more...

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7 thoughts on “Across The Ditch

  1. Allanahk

    Loved the two kiwis graphic- we’re a pretty good bunch over this way.

    This year is going to be great. I know that I will learn a lot from seeing how other people do things. Each school I visit is very welcoming and keen for me to work with groups of teachers, groups of kids or individuals.

    I really want them to try to move out from just creating great things in their own classrooms- I would love to see them sharing more and creating more content for the web so everyone can see what a great job they are doing.

  2. gregc5

    the key thing is the focus on the LEARNING. Thats the fun bit … all these teachers at the conference focused on pedagogy. The geeks like me love the toys but they are NOT the be-all and end-all.
    I caused a bit of consternation the other day in our cluster meeting by stating that my goal for our school for ICT is that no one notices, no one cares you are using a computer. How long ago did we stop being astounded people use a pen a paper …. after all tech is “the pen and paper of our times” (Warlick/Prenski was it??).
    the teachers are often more taken with the boxes than the kids … do we need to get over it?

  3. Mitchell

    hi my name mitchell. al said you ar going to be my mentor.I like kirefrot. I hope you can meet you. I have herd that you ar rite around the corer from Glenelg school. I am at Glenelg school.

    from mitchell h

  4. Simon

    I too have been given the opportunity to step out of the classroom and take a look around to see what’s happening. So important for every teacher.

  5. Derek

    Timely post, Graham, as the L@S conference is beginning here in NZ at Rotorua. Over the seven years this conference has been running we’ve seen an enormous increase in the number of teachers prepared to stand up and share their learning journey experiences and discoveries with others. At the very first conference I recall that the majority of the workshops were presented by advisers or those from the ICT industry – whereas now it’s a case of having to find enough spaces in the programme for all those wanting to share. The teachers-for-teachers element of these conferences is exactly where the real growth is occurring.


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