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‘Connecting to the Millennium Generation‘

Dr. Trudy Sweeney
Lecturer of Digital Media
Flinders University

I was a bit slow in getting this post up and going so the beginning is a bit thin. Trudy is the president of our local ed-tech association CEGSA (Computers in Education Group of South Australia) and this keynote was a revised and improved version of the talk given at my school’s Quality Teaching and Learning Day. So, here are my notes, for what they’re worth.

Defined the Millenium Generation as those born around 2000. This generation are stimulus junkies but lack resilience (generalisation). Referred to James Gleick's book FSTR which is a good starting point regarding the exponential change that technology is bringing.

Talked about 4 types of ICT tools useful for connecting to Millenium Learners.

Informative tools (instructive, showed example, ranging from Enchanted learning digital worksheets; the Learning Federation learning objects, talking books) ( questioning – site called Quick, then showed Netty ‘s World)

Situating tools ( Edusim, Club Penguin, 3-D Environments)

Constructive tools (Clayanimation, storytelling, Kidspiration, Kidi-pads, KidPix, control technologies, Digital Blue microscopes, Voice Thread)

Communication tools (wikis, blogs etc..)

ICT used in different ways - Content, Skills, Widening horizons.

What is interactivity? Doesn’t mean that everyone needs to touch the IWB but that learning is designed to involve as many students as possible in discussion.

Passionate about long term ICT projects – over a term or more. Don’t neglect the rest of the curriculum but keep coming back to it.

Conclusion . Millenium Generation expect to use ICT, children need to be taking control of technology, teacher facilitate learning experiences and HOTS.

Maintain a focus on pedagogy and technology

All of Trudy’s details at her delicious account - http://del.icio.us/tsweeney

Update: Here's the audio recording (made with permission).