My EChO 08 Presentation

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to present to my biggest crowd yet - over 100 early childhood educators at the Term 1 EChO half day conference. It was a focus on technology and I was the closing act after Trudy Sweeney's opening keynote about Web 2.0. All went pretty well until slide 35... where my choice of Flickr image provoked a response from the assembled .... well, you can work it out from the audio. Let's just say that the image lost its innocence.

Anyway, here's the presentation in Slidecast format.

[slideshare id=291755&doc=echo-08-presentation-1204627497212177-4&w=425]

Here are my links from the presentation as well. I didn't get as much time as I wanted to showcase the Web 2.0 early childhood educators - Kathy Cassidy, Rachel Boyd and Maria Knee (who contacted me after seeing my twitter plea). I wish that I had left more time to contact these amazing teachers and inform them of my reference to their work - but adding their links here will be a small piece of acknowledgement.


Kathy Cassidy –

Rachel Boyd –

Maria Knee –

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