miniLegends Update

For readers following the situation of Al Upton and the miniLegends and their recent blog closure, it's worth checking back at the blog now for Al's Update No. 2. It outlines the sequence of events, where the miniLegends are up to now and promises another Update No. 3 in the near future.

Al writes:

… Yesterday I had planned to simply write “It’s all good. I’m waiting for something in writing.”
… Today I feel compelled to share what I can as a professional teacher and employee of DECS. My intent here is to clear up some issues, taking the ‘heat’ off the miniLegends, myself and DECS thus distancing my example situation from the necessary broader dialogue and action.

Considering the significant interest and support from various parts of the world, some bloggers have added a fair bit of conjecture into their posts and some misunderstandings of facts have occurred. The best place to be informed is at the source - but I do know that the situation is resolving itself but a lot of learning and moving forwards (at a number of levels) can and will take place as a result of this closure.

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