Drought’s Not Done Yet

When I get the chance I go for a walk along the Torrens linear park - accessible down the end of our street. I took a couple of shots on my phone a few weeks back when the drought seemed to have hit the hardest on Adelaide's distinctive waterway from the bridge on Henley Beach Road and then re-took the same pics three weeks and a few millimetres of rain later. Just goes to show that it doesn't take much rain to fill the Torrens - but the drought isn't over yet...

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5 thoughts on “Drought’s Not Done Yet

  1. Lisa-Gaye Williams

    I was just looking at stats on the Met Bureau and here in the Port Stephens region of NSW we have had in excess of 15cm of rain in the last week. I was trying to find how many days with rain we have experienced during last week and this week (NSW School holidays) but was unable to; if memory serves me well I think we may have had only 2-3 days of part sunshine.

    While this is great weather for those of us who enjoy a good excuse to read a book or lie in bed listening to it patter down on the roof (my house has the perfect metal roof for that – although a heavy fall is magnified to the extent where we can’t hear each other chat from one end of the couch to the other!) … I am in fear and trepidation of the agitated state of my students. I am beginning to chew my nails over the prospect of them having been kept inside the house by the weather … consuming a variety of high-sugar, high-preservative, high-salt movie munchies while they fill in time with an endless collection of DVD’s and computer games and time online doing who knows what (you need to see my “Well, Well, Will” post to put this in perspective.)

    I am reconsidering my program for the first week of term so that we are engaged in many more active lessons, at least within the bounds of the classroom. And, as much as possible, the younger ones (Yr 7 & Yr 8) will be outside of the classroom around the campus working on some mapping skills as well as honing their interviewing skills for the newspaper assessment task I am planning for them.

    (P.S have cycled part of that pathway with a class I taught at SFX Wynn Vale in 2000 … it was a fabulous excursion and I ached for days after 🙂 )

  2. tech4teach

    As I read your post this afternoon, I was going to go outside and take a photo of our School oval, very very wet. As Lisa-Gaye has mentioned, and she beat me to it, we have had a lot of rain.

    I found the data she was looking for and the figures speak for themselves (I hope this doesnt loose its formatting when posted);

    “Daily Weather Observations for Williamtown, New South Wales for April 2008”
    Prepared at 05:44 GMT on Thursday 24 April 2008 IDCJDW2145.200804
    Copyright 2003 Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology
    Observations were drawn from Williamtown RAAF {station 061078}

    Date Min temp (∞C) Max temp (∞C) Rainfall (mm)
    Sat 12/04/08 11.7 23.7 0.2
    Sun 13/04/08 11.5 25.1 0.2
    Mon 14/04/08 12.7 20.3 1.4
    Tues 15/04/08 12.3 20 10
    Wed 16/04/08 13.3 21.8 3.4
    Thur 17/04/08 14.1 22.5 16.4
    Frid 18/04/08 12.9 23 0
    Sat 19/04/08 15.1 21.7 10.4
    Sun 20/04/08 13.4 20.8 6
    Mon 21/04/08 12.9 20.1 21.4
    Tues 22/04/08 14.5 17.1 4.6
    Wed 23/04/08 14 18.4 63.6
    Thur 24/04/08 14.8 8.2

    I’ll watch with interest what she does to occupy the restless hoardes next week.

  3. Mrs C

    It’s amazing what a few millimetres of rain can do – unfortunately, if there’s no follow up shortly after it all disappears just as quickly as it came! Nice quality photos from a phone, too.

    Lisa-Gaye, you might find the stats you want on http://www.eldersweather.com.au. It’s the one we use. 🙂


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