Daily Archives: May 27, 2008


For anyone who may be interested, I held a Parent Evening at my school to explain our Upper Primary student blogging program and to share some information in general about using social media in primary school classrooms. The evening attracted a small number of dedicated parents and was very successful. I also had the support of about nine staff members. I didn't record the presentation as it was more of a free flowing exchange of information - there were references to specific kids and other aspects of the school not suitable for a generalised audience. However, some educators on my network were asking if I would share my slidedeck - so here it is for what it's worth out of context. I've altered some of my own photographs of students to mask identity and done some other scribbling on some of the slides to be pro-actively protective. I'll share the link to my Google doc notes to help add the content of my talk to the slides. I'm more than happy to field any questions in my comments.