dear ken

dear ken,

Do you like the way I started this post by using one of your trademark writing quirks?

Anyway, it has taken me this long to pull together some bits and pieces since your post that got me thinking. I went and did what I threatened in the comment. I took your techno-ripe idea, ping-ponging its way via the network from California to Pennsylvania to South Australia, twisted it around to suit my Year Six classroom and have a few samples to share.

Check this one first...

The goal was to advertise their upcoming Personal Research Projects (starting up this week!) in one minute with the assistance of four relevant adjectives combined with four skilfully chosen CC images. Some kids did well with their adjective choice, their excellent speaking skills but struggled to break away from the obvious connection with their chosen topic. Not to worry - these are 11 year olds after all. I was happy about the attribution and thought put into this one.

Others were not as fluent at the speaking part but their image choice was positively inspired...

And if you're wondering what four adjectives would sum up your own fine country from an Aussie child's perspective, try this ad for the topic of the USA.

So, ken, I did much of what you suggested. In between the demands of your young family, just know that your influence (and so many others that I read and connect with) resonates in my classroom half a world away.

And that still blows me away.

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2 thoughts on “dear ken

  1. ken

    If an 11 year old described life in the US as entertaining, then s/he must have been in my home recently, watching my wife and I try to manage four children all under three!

    On another, obviously more serious note, the thought that you’re nestled snuggly somewhere in Australia, I’m in my living room in Lansdale, PA, and some modern technology allows us to connect and share leaves me quite speechless.

    I’m not one to celebrate the ooh-ahh-ness of connectivity and collaboration (although I believe strongly in both), but the genesis of this post (as you’ve traced above) is one that I will surely use with my staff in summer workshops and throughout the upcoming year.

    Thank you for taking the time to compose this post.

    The examples you provide here are solid image-oriented slides and make me wish I could have watched these students present.

    Isn’t that something every slidedeck should inspire?

    And just like a letter…


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