For What It’s Worth…

I've been toying with the concept of blog rename for a while since the time I started playing with the "open educator" tagline and digital badge. A bit of Google research shows that it's hardly an original pairing of words - but the title rings true for what I aspire to be and where I think that this profession needs to be if it is remain relevant.

"Teaching Generation Z" as a title was a bit of a ripoff and tribute to one of the first edublogs that I read back in July 2005 - Steve Dembo's Teach42. So, it may have taken me three years to finally get it right but Open Educator is a better fit for me. (And just so you know, the header is a Photoshopped version of a mobile phone image I took of my oldest son at an Adelaide playground on a crisp wintery July day about a month ago.)

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8 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth…

  1. Sarah Stewart

    For what it’s worth, I really like ‘open educator’ – it has a number of meanings & should do well in a google rankings. I need to change my by-line too, but am too scared to – what if people ‘lose’ me?

  2. Elaine Talbert

    I like the new title too. A lot easier to stay true to theme and self with this blog label.

    The use of generational labels poses some difficulties and there is lack of consensus on meanings.

    “open” can be used in so many ways not just from the latest tech. angle.

    I’ll look forward to future posts that reflect your rationale for this change. Elaine

  3. Pam Thompson

    An apt indicator of what, or who, you really are Graham. I like it. As Elaine says ‘open’ can be interpreted in many ways so you have plenty of scope to incorporate this into your musings 🙂

  4. Steve Dembo

    Heh, I never realized that Teach42 influenced your old name. Regardless, I love the change. As others have already commented, it’s so ‘open’ to interpretation and not just from a tech standpoint either.

    Making the decision to change your ‘brand’ isn’t easy, but I think you’ve made the right one!


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