The Cadbury Gorilla Remix

My youngest son loves this commercial at the moment.

So, I hunted it up on YouTube a few weeks back to show him using the keywords "cadbury gorilla" and besides finding out that it was a British ad that was over a year old, more than several enterprising individuals had remixed the drumming gorilla in innovative and entertaining ways. One version involving a Bonnie Tyler classic even then became an official alternative!

Here's one I really liked - great for anyone who has fond memories of the eighties.

And this one was also excellent.

Any other Cadbury Gorilla fans out there?

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2 thoughts on “The Cadbury Gorilla Remix

  1. Shaun Wood

    Yes yes I am a fan. The funny thing is I always hated Phil Collin’s music until I saw this ad, even then it took a few viewings. The power of visuals to evoke emotions/messages is a valuable literacy lesson for our children.


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