Daily Archives: November 17, 2008


I still read Will Richardson every time he posts but I find going onto his blog to comment a somewhat disheartening affair. It seems every time I have something to say on a topic on his mind, a swarm of other commenters descend and say everything I was going to say and then some more. Maybe I'm being selfish but being number 56 in a comment avalanche does not hold much appeal.

It happened Sunday when I read Will's post Get.Off.Paper. What a great post! I had insightful, original witty observations just ready for the comment queue. Maybe this time the comment pile up might be in the teens ... but nope, 47 others had yet again beaten me to the punch. So I did what any frustrated edublogger would - bleat out my frustrations (politely) on twitter. 

Dean Shareski gave me some welcome advice back but sadly, my moment of inspiration had gone. (They don't come along very often.) But I did come up with one use for paper (the topic of Will's post) that I hope won't be replaced by digital technology anytime soon. See below for my 5 year old son's effective use of this extremely popular medium.

Hopefully, I can briefly speak to Will himself about a few things in March when our paths cross here in my home town for a conference where he is the featured speaker. I'm looking forward to that opportunity as a local presenter- the BlogFather has always been generous with his time and ideas. Many of us C-listers get excited when comments for a post hit double figures but for an A-list edublogger like Will, it must take a certain amount of energy and commitment to keep track of the traffic his blog generates. And no, you wouldn't want all that on paper.