Daily Archives: November 22, 2008


I don't have candidates for all of the categories in the 2008 Edublog Awards and the ones I do want to nominate are all voices I think need more attention paid to them even if they may not be obvious to some of my readers. (Except for Dan Meyer - he gets more attention than even he knows what to do with but the video series was such a unique concept that I couldn't go past.) This only involves going into my Google Reader and seeing what catches my eye. Here goes:

Best individual blog: Dean Groom (I know he's changed his blog title about three times over the past year but you can't go past his sheer intensity, his on-the-ball observations, practical application of theory and just general food for thought. Dean has also really churned out some content in 2008, all of it worth reading and re-reading.)

Best new blog: Tomaz Lasic's Human (I love the fact Tomaz blogs from a similar place to me, the classroom. Another Aussie with posts to make you think.)

Most influential blog post: Order For Closure - Al Upton & The MiniLegends (What other post gathered 271 posts and created such a ripple in the edublogosphere this year.)

Best teacher blog: ken rodoff's the why of it all (Just the most insightful and most cleverest edublogger in my reader - just imagine Michael Leunig as an edublogger.)

Best educational use of video/visual: Dan Meyer's dy/av series (I've watched these over and over again. Even made my staff watch a couple to get their grey matter ticking.)

Out of 123 subscriptions, there are many award worthy blogs not mentioned above. But them's the ones I'd like to see with an Eddies badge in their sidebar.