Daily Archives: December 9, 2008


Perhaps it's because my sinuses are playing up and my sleep patterns have not been the best. But I'm finding that I have less and less patience with teachers who've been given opportunities with school supplied laptops, IWBs, data projectors, PD sessions, hand holding, screenshot handouts - and all they can do is tell me about what they are going to do next year with technology in their classroom.

I'm sick of hearing promises of change. Tell me how all that stuff is impacting your practice now and how that investment of scarce school funds is invaluable to your students' learning. And don't give me that spiel about equity - because giving every classroom equal access to certain technology tools does not guarantee that the teacher will use them in equal ways. 

I want people telling me about how indispensible that laptop/projector/IWB/whatever is already to their teaching and their students' learning before I'm faced with the choice of deciding where that piece of tech will make the most difference. 

OK, let's hope the Nasonex works better tonight...