Daily Archives: December 21, 2008


I've been accused of being an Edublogs fanboy and to some extent I am. I've always plugged this place as the place for educators and students to be blogging and that hasn't changed one bit. But I have to say that the news about the insertion of random advertising into my blog, my class blog and my students' blogs makes me feel quite uncomfortable. When I first saw the ads as shown in my graphic below, I actually thought it was an Internet Explorer glitch (a Microsoft grab for Google Ad cash which shows how much I know) and swore to only use Firefox after that. But I saw the little insertions in my class blog and thought, "That can't be right. Why is that there? It looks like a link but it isn't one that I inserted."

There has been some talk about this issue, nicely summarised by Dave Tosh here. I know that if I'd been fully aware, this topic could have had my feedback before in this forum. I know I should really be an Edublogs Supporter as I've been riding this free gravy train ride for over three years (and will when I get organised and work out PayPal).  

Love you, love your work James, but the embedded ads leave me cold and dare I say it, a little violated. I know back in the early days, you mentioned in an email that maybe Edublogs may have to become a user pays only system. But I really don't like the look of this - it really isn't all that hidden if I keep encountering it via my bookmarks, my auto-completes etc. - and I guess this is my way of airing my opinion on the matter.