Another Day, Another Meme (7 Things)

I have a feeling that I've been tagged for these sort of things before. But newer edubloggers can't be expected to wade through my archives and my longer term readers don't want a re-hash, so I'll have to dig deep for the latest 7 Things Meme. Thanks, Tony!

1. I've switched allegiance three times in my life in my choice of AFL team. This can be seen as a form of sacrilege by die hard life long Aussie Rules supporters like Warrick but I can explain. I became a Port Adelaide Magpies supporter from the local SANFL in Year Five because my best friend told me to. He also told me that I had to pick a VFL team as well - so I picked Hawthorn. I supported them all the way through their successful premiership era, had Leigh Matthews as my favourite player and then in 1987, the VFL expanded beyond the borders of Victoria. A new team from Perth called the West Coast Eagles joined the big league (which became the AFL a few years later) along with the hapless Brisbane Bears and suddenly it was possible to follow a team that wasn't Victorian. I even had an original yellow Eagles practice guernsey with Brian Narkle's No. 7 on it when I was playing B grade footy in Ceduna. This was fine until 1997 when Port Adelaide (remember them? My first football allegiance?) joined the AFL as the second South Australian AFL team. I had to go back to my roots, especially as my favourite all time AFL player Gavin Wanganeen came back from over the border to be the inaugral captain.

2. I've rolled my father's Toyota Hilux utility one night after a day on the tractor seeding. I wasn't wearing a seat belt but luckily walked away - in fact walked all the way home.

3. I am a big fan of the reality show Survivor having watched all of the series except for the fourth Marquesas series (when they screened a pathetic Australian version of the show.) I love the strategy, the characters and the interesting locations - but if Jeff Probst ever quits as the host, the show will not be the same.

4. I met my wife Joanne while teaching in Port Augusta. She was a teacher too, eventually at the same school and we got married in 1994. The first year of our marriage was our last in the country before heading back to the big city lights of Adelaide.

5. I have alternative tastes in music ranging from Public Enemy to Husker Du to Incubus.

6. I've slept under the stars in my swag beneath the grain siloes at Penong on the West Coast of SA.

7. When I tranferred to Adelaide, I had to list all of the schools I was prepared to accept a position at in preferential order as part of my guaranteed return to the city. I wrote down Flagstaff Hill Primary School as my number one choice for no other reason than there was a golf club next door that I could join - and there's where I was sent!

Nothing like a viral reason to post in the New Year so I'm tagging the following:
Warrick Wynne (over at his new blog)
Darren Draper
Lauren O'Grady
Jess McCulloch
Tom Barrett
Ken Burgin
Miss Profe

That's 22 pieces of trivia in total about me floating around - so that's enough for quite a while. See you in '09.

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One thought on “Another Day, Another Meme (7 Things)

  1. Tony Searl

    I promise never to meme you again Graham :), I’ll now go looking for your other 14 trivia’s

    Glad to see you and John both caught up with Tom

    Have a fine 09.


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