Looking For A Good Idea

Joanne and I had a rare afternoon going to see a movie down at Glenelg without the kids for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. One of the simple pleasures was just having a wander around the bookstores in Jetty Road without the worry or pressure of the boys - just browsing and checking out exactly what was of interest. I don't get to read that many of the recommended reads from my PLN simply because Aussie bookstores stock very few of those titles. One book did catch my eye, a book that I remember Kim Cofino recommending called No Logo by Naomi Klein, and I purchased it. That still amazes me that an American teacher working in Bangkok can recommend a book to read for me here in Adelaide. Another book by Seth Godin grabbed my attention but at around A$35.00 for the hardcover, I only glanced at it briefly. The blurb on the back was enough to help me understand where I've been going wrong on this blog for quite a while.

I've been really struggling with this blog for some time now. Posts have not come easily for the last six months or so and I haven't felt like that I've had anything important to write for quite a while. It wasn't quite blogger's block but a sense of that the longer I left this space alone, the greater chance of it turning into one of those blogs that gradually becomes one of those spots in the aggregator where after a while you notice, "Well, that person hasn't posted for a long time. Wonder if they will ever post again or should I just unsubscribe?"

(Footnote: Rachel Boyd, if you're reading, your blog is one that I'd love to read again on a regular basis.)

What I got from the back of Seth's book is that a blog is a place to write about ideas. I reckon that would be a good starting point to get back to writing here on a regular and passionate basis like I was a year or so ago. I don't have to wait until I have achieved something of interest in the classroom, have a grand theory relating to the role of technology or a new Web 2.0 tool to evaluate.

I just need to write about an idea. No more fretting about the worth of my thoughts. No more waiting until I have enough background. My readers will help to fill in the gaps and point out the gaps in my thinking. For now, it's time to simplify my expectations for this blog and focus on one thing.

My idea.

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9 thoughts on “Looking For A Good Idea

  1. Shaun

    That is so true, it is a form of reflection, backwards and forwards. I sometimes think my ideas are to diverse for one blog, but I try to just write an idea of the day. I have also started a list of blog articles I would like to write, as I get inspired while reading blogs but often forget later.

  2. Cathy-A Scott

    Keep on blogging Graham,
    I enjoy reading your posts – personal and professional.
    As a mature age, 2nd year Bachelor Ed student blogs like yours are a valuable part of my learning journey.
    I hope to start my own blog soon…what has been stopping me…the fear of not knowing what to write or not writing as well as other people…maybe like you suggest…just one idea at a time, thankyou.

  3. Tony Searl

    I’ve had an idea lurking and gnawing at me re leadership for a while now. I have been circumspect in sharing as I don’t want to be seen as controversial just for the sake of it. I may now just get it out there and see what others think.
    thanks for the focus ‘one idea’

  4. Kim Cofino

    Hear! Hear! I totally agree – sometimes I get so bogged down in the idea that my posts have to be the best thing since sliced bread (which they rarely are) that I can almost worry my way out of writing. In the end though, it’s always the posts that I think are just “average” that turn out to be the most interesting in the end. Don’t give up blogging, Graham! Your voice was one of the first I read and your welcoming and open perspective had such a positive impact on me. Thank you!

    I hope you like No Logo – it was such an excellent book. I recently bought her newest, Shock Doctrine, but haven’t started it yet.

    2009 – the year of one idea at a time!


  5. pamelathompson

    I feel the same Graham. It’s what has put me off starting a personal blog in addition to my class blog. Keep on blogging I say. I would miss your reflections and pearls of wisdom.

  6. Bill Kerr

    hi graham,

    Blogs have multiple purposes, say, global social connection as well as development of ideas.

    If idea development was the main thing then perhaps wikis are more appropriate or even web1.0 or perhaps even books(!!). I think it’s best to combine these approaches, for idea development / research. One perspective here is that internet digital is far easier to search and store (delicious) – including searching your own blog for half remembered ideas. It’s also why google books and amazon are important as a transition to eventually getting to all text being digitised somewhere around 2099.

    Blogs for initial development of ideas, picking up on ideas of others (selective use of RSS feed and search) social connection and occasional venting 😉 The mix will vary depending on the blogger, that’s one of the strengths / attractions of blogging, the diverse approaches.

  7. Russel Montgomery

    Hi Graham

    Thanks for the post.

    Congrats on Wedding Anniversary. May you have many more.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I haven’t written anything in my personal blog for 6 months. Time to get back into it and this post encourages me to just get back to it… one idea at a time.



  8. Kim Pericles

    Thanks for a thought provoking post Graham.
    I too feel the pressure of feeling I have to say/write something important on my blog. I know I don’t just want to tell stories of what I’ve done or seen or thought……
    I’m going to take it one idea at a time and see how I get on!


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