Daily Archives: March 15, 2009

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I must be such a disappointment to my Facebook Friends.

I very rarely update my status, I have no photos to speak of and I regularly reject requests for (Lil) Blue Cove and Likeness Quizzes. I have a friends list that is a curious mix of educators I have never met and teachers I used to know.

Just recently, I've experienced a new phenomenon in the Facebook Friend stakes - the ex-student who is amazed to find their old teacher online. I've found it interesting to accept these requests as the ex-students in question are all now adults and having them on my list is an interesting peek into their lives answering that age old question that many teachers have about their previous charges, "I wonder how [insert ex-student's name here] turned out?" 

I could (and have) got lost for hours looking at my new Friends' Friends lists, seeing names I recognise and wandering through the mainly open profiles, checking their Friends lists, seeing more familiar names and so the process goes on. It seems that if my ex-students have made it onto Facebook, then their life seems to be on track and that spending a year or so in my care hasn't unduly affected their opportunities in life. One of them even wants to become a teacher (shock, horror)!! 

Sadly, my new Friends' lives look far more exciting than my own. But then again, everyone else looks like their life is exciting framed up in the Facebook interface. And you can't Superpoke ™ fun at that.