NAPLAN Week – Cartoon Relief Required

I reckon a skillfully constructed cartoon can say more than any blog post ever could. So, as Australian schools gear up for the annual NAPLAN tests, I couldn't resist posting this gem from Savage Chickens.

Good luck to all involved in this process. Let's hope that standardised testing doesn't mutate any further than its current configuration - what I read about other countries' testing expectations does make me nervous about the future.

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One thought on “NAPLAN Week – Cartoon Relief Required

  1. Rachel O'Shea

    I like your use of the word ‘mutate’. After working in the UK system for 2 1/2 years and enduring SAT’s with children as young as year 2, published league tables, and schools put into ‘category’ due to their data… I am also very nervous about the future. Watching Sir Ken Robinson and Stephen Heppell clips always cheers me up though… as does reading your cartoons!


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