Daily Archives: July 8, 2009


(Starts with foreboding music)

"Spoon feed me"  - that's the expectations of the teachers who are on holidays.

The Assessment villians - no one knows how to assess technology, exams and numbers don't tell a kid what they have learnt , grades are good for politicians, kids are good at playing school.

Got to ask the right questions to get the right answers (shows scene from Bueller's Day off) and we haven't moved on in the context of school.

What we need is pedagogical leadership - teaching is about feedback and making connections with students, learn from the wisdom of the crowds.

Need to exploring virtual communities, not just read blogs, your peers may not be in your school, share your stories online.

3 R's - realism, relevance & resonance.

Knowledge on the web is "healed"  - information is always "in flux ".

Conferences and f2f  is about affirmation and connections to people.

School + Home + Mobile + Internet + People = Learning Environment.

We can't measure a person's success by their exam results.

What can I do with (Insert technology here) in my classroom? Teach a teacher one or two new tools and you will expand their repertoire by up to 50%.

Game based learning  - Wii,  DS, PS3 etc.  Consoles that connect to the internet go beyond games. In gaming , reputation is authority. To succeed in World of Warcraft, you have to be able to access and contribute information.

21st Century learning outcomes  - Planet /People /Participation - Syllabus learning outcomes.

Don't use anything you can't assess.