4 thoughts on “Where’s Your Internet Happy Box When You Need It?

  1. brains95

    At least we’ve got a name now for overly restricted campus networks.
    > Is Wikipedia Blocked
    > Is Youtube Blocked
    > Is delicious blocked
    > Is SecondLife blocked

    Welcome to the “Internet Happy Box”

  2. Graham Wegner

    Thanks guys, it’s a term that could really take off, hey? If you’re interested, here’s the next installment and the logical follow up with Rat’s great quote, “…the internet was specifically invented so that living beings everywhere could be anonymously rude to one another.”
    This has fast become my favourite comic strip of all time. I think I’d like to get a Pearls Before Swine skin for my new MacBook Pro.

  3. ken

    At my school, we have an ‘internet bipolar box’.

    Monday: Is YouTube blocked? No.

    Tuesday: Is YouTube blocked? Yes, because one student, one, out of the entire district, viewed an inappropriate video while in class. And don’t talk to me about the role of the teacher, or a curriculum that’s rigorous, or a lesson that actively engages students, or one that holds them accountable for the completion of work. And don’t think for one second that it’s the job of every teacher to teach about appropriate online behavior in an academic setting. So no YouTube from now on. No for students. No for teachers. What? A teacher wants to show a video on YouTube? Too bad, there are many other venues for videos. We pay for United Streaming and Safari Montage. Again, YouTube is blocked.

    Wednesday: Is YouTube blocked? No, the social studies department brought the network administrator a box of his favorite candy bars.

    Thursday: Is YouTube blocked? Yes, the network administrator needed to see his dentist to have a cavity filled, and he will not be in the building.

    Friday: Is YouTube blocked? Yes, but no. Students are providing teachers with proxies.


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