I think that the only thing worse than a tunnel visioned Web 2.0 evangelist is a tunnel visioned Mac enthusiast. And I say that after recent purchases of both a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. I mean, they're both nice pieces of technology but the frothy mouthed utterings of some of my PLN would have you think that anyone not using Apple products is mentally deficient. I almost laughed out loud when I heard a recent keynote make a statement about "Apple having education in its DNA". Pass me the bucket.

Anyway, one of the nice things about my new combo is the fact that I got a Gig of mobile internet data thrown in as part of my plan, and I can now "tether" my phone to my new laptop to access the web wherever and whenever the need arises. For the first time, I can be hyper-connected. I literally have the internet in my pocket, except for the fact that 3's coverage can be a bit spotty. Initially, I was unsure how far 1G of data would go in a month and I was cautious about how often I would tweet, check email or look up something to settle an argument in the staffroom. But interestingly, as Darcy Moore pointed out, the iPhone doesn't use a whole lot of data even when regularly accessed so I could rest easy about blowing this allowance within the allotted timeframe. So, really, I can now live the totally connected lifestyle with any digital whim a finger swipe away.

But I am a bit of a pathetic in this regard. I've come to the conclusion that my lifestyle doesn't lend itself to fully exploiting the new toys tools. For example, so far this month, I have only used 82 MB of my allocate 1024. I've tried checking emails, feeds etc in my lunch breaks, I've even used the Maps tool to find a nearby school location when I missed the turn off and this week, I finally worked out how to tether the phone to my laptop and used it to access the web for an entire morning working in the front office. But I haven't even managed to use up ten per cent of my allocation.

And it resets back to the full quota tomorrow.

With customers like me, no wonder telcos are making a killing.



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5 thoughts on “Hyperconnection

  1. Charlie Swagman

    Get a life you moronic geeky nerd. Millions of children are dying from malnutrition but all you care for are technological gadgets that aide you to forget your life is passing and the grave is near. Forget the iPhone and contributing to Apples shareholders pockets. Your money is better spent combating a famine or providing much needed collateral against a corrupt government to free it’s people!

  2. Claudia Ceraso

    I think we tend to think our lives are going to change a lot before we buy equipment or start using a new tool. Actually, as long as you find what works for you today, why is it necessary to fully exploit it? What is that? Using it as others would?

    Use-as-you-need makes sense to me.

  3. Graham Wegner

    @Charlie Your response (although somewhat insulting) does remind me that I do live a privileged (but not extragant) life. Those of us who have Internet access are in the top 1% of humanity. But it seems that once again, an attempt to write a tongue-in-cheek post has failed…

    @Claudia It’s probably my Germanic Lutheran upbringing that causes a “guilt complex” every time I don’t utilise what I’ve paid for but you are right, it is just a tool, to be used as the need arises. It’s a nice little bonus but as Charlie points out, it could be a distraction from the more important things in life.

  4. Sidney

    Got the same Mac Combo, But yeah worked my ass off to get these gadgets. And very pleased with both de MBP and Iphone, they are expensive tools but worth it, we might be geeks but let it be, and me alone cant solve world issues, but i bet a Macbook pro will be a usefull tool to do so as it never lets you down if you going to make a wopping shocking reality documantry about goverment corruption and child poverty etc.or even make a fundraise song on Logic Studio.

  5. Dean Groom

    I love trolls, the inspire me to tools I’m afforded to create a more literate post materialist society, where even Trolls will be accepted.


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