Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

Meet Gray Jyraffe.


He's a Noob in Second Life. He's been hanging around Jokaydia, ISTE Island and freebie shops scavenging around trying to work out how to teleport, fly and strike up conversations with impressively physiqued and impeccably attired avatars. Gray has even been to a few events now, settling into custom bean bags and listening intently to talented educators detailing their innovation (both virtual and real world exploits). He even went to his first Jokaydia Unconference on the weekend - not as much as he was hoping, as his real world alter ego had issues that interfered (families, sleep) with a fuller participation schedule. But he did get to meet (virtually) one of his blogging heroes, Konrad March (aka Konrad Glogowski).

session unconf
He has a lot in common with his alter-ego - me. Like Gray, I'm an ordinary person who is constantly in awe of the talent that is so easy to connect with online. What Jo Kay has created in Second Life is totally amazing - and a massive leap of faith in the potential of this online education haven. Build it and they will come, indeed. I'm not quite sure yet what this space has to offer me and its relationship to my current work - but as I (whoops, sorry), Gray noted last night at the beach side after event celebration, sometimes the deepest learning occurs in the space where I am doing something new and challenging, but feeling out of my depth.

unconf final

The talent I can connect to via these avenues - my Reader, twitter and now Second Life - is unbelievable. Sometimes, I think that my main talent is recognising others' talent and being able to stream and subvert their innovation for my own purposes.