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It would be no surprise to regular readers of this blog to find out that I've been struggling for motivation to write reflectively here of late. I seem to be surprisingly resentful of those colleagues who seem to find the time to vege out in front of the television, read a favourite book or other non-digital and non-education related pastimes.

Don't worry, I'm sure it will pass.

So, instead of drafting insightful missives or spreading the comment love, I've been delving into online music. I've been listening and viewing clips from artists who I've had a passing interest in from years past but didn't spend much time listening to at the time.

I like alternative music - artists who are not mainstream (but still popular enough to have a significant body of work) and my tastes are probably hard to categorise. So, I stumbled back into the music of Eels and followed a bunch of links across YouTube, Wikipedia, the official band site and ended up at the Eels MySpace site. So, for your enjoyment (and definitely mine) here is a really nice version of "In My Dreams" performed by the very talented frontman, Mark Oliver Everett.

EELS "In My Dreams" from The MySpace Transmissions

MySpace Transmissions | MySpace Video

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5 thoughts on “Sharing … Eels

  1. John Larkin

    Hi there Graham,

    A bit of a fan of the Eels myself. It was Novacaine For The Soul that initially grabbed my attentions. About that time Whoever You Are by Geggy Tah also hooked me. 2JJJ is to be thanked.

    Thanks for sharing this clip Graham. Excellent. Not to worry about posts and comment love. The world will continue to orbit the sun. Lost the mojo a bit myself. It will come back.

    Cheers, John

  2. Graham Wegner

    Yes, I first heard the Eels on a Triple J Hottest 100 compilation – far better than any of those Top 40 albums. I just love this stripped down version of this song – it is quite a lot better than the album version where it actually becomes a bit ho-hum, while I can hear the emotion better in this recording. And you can download this MySpace version as a free mp3!!

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