What’s More Likely?

On Friday during our Primary Connections workshop, we were shown an image similar to this:



During the following response exercise, our facilitator informed my group that the yellow footed wallaby had been part of a surrogate program to improve numbers. Upon reflection, I can't be sure that I heard her correctly but what I thought I did hear was that young yellow footed wallaby joeys had been placed into other wallaby pouches and raised so that the original yellow footed mother could reproduce sooner. This prompted the following cartoon below:

But some basic web research shows that I am mistaken. The yellow footed rock wallabies were the surrogates which makes my original cartoon all wrong. This is Take Two:

I don't know about you but I think that the first is better. And the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that it was my listening and interpretation error that ended up triggering the first erroneous cartoon. Am I being too clever for my own good here? Or just merely someone who laughs at his own jokes?

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One thought on “What’s More Likely?

  1. nayda56

    Hey Mr. Wegner,
    Sounds pretty interesting. I’m just following up on a few things.
    1. Chips and lollies, you know about that
    2. The P.R.P’s, don’t forget about them!

    Hopefully you can get round to both of those things.
    Bye for now, Nayda56 :wave:


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