Maybe It’s Time To Emigrate

I watched this video with interest today:

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) from Erik Qualman on Vimeo.

I noted that Facebook now has a population that would place it third in the world were it a country. But there seems to a growing groundswell of discontent with savvy web users looking to delete their accounts amid cries for a more open alternative. (Thanks for the links, Warrick and Alex.)

I'm questioning my citizenship. It's not as if I would be missed. I don't play any games, I ignore every second friendship request, decline almost every other cause or invitation and don't post any photos. I joined so that I would have a working knowledge of this social media phenomenon. And an interesting world it is. I could get lost for hours linking from one friend list to another, future-gazing on how former students have made their way through life, seeing how old schoolmates have handled impending middle age and shaken my head at how naive and gullible so many younger kids are.

Maybe Facebook is redefining privacy. As one slogan might go, it is certainly "home of the brave" but I am not so sure that is "land of the free." Apparently, it is quite hard to renounce the Facebook homeland once you've been under its rule for any length of time.

I learn more about my online friends in my aggregator than I can ever get on a FB status update. Connecting on the open web - that's what I'm interested in. It might be time to move on.

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