If Then Why

If traditional media is dying and being overtaken by real time social media sources ...

... then why are most of the links posted by my Twitter network come from mainstream news websites?

If it is generally agreed that we need educators who are self directed learners and that social media allows anyone to publish and contribute...

... then why do so many need How To guides and workshops to do what is supposedly so easy?

If we want our kids to be creative and critical thinkers ...

... then why do politicians get such a big say in how our education systems should run?

If we want all students to use technology seamlessly with and as part of their learning ...

... then why do we make a big showcase of certain technologies (take your pick - iPad, IWB, clickers)?

If we believe that the learning is more important than the software, hardware or device ...

... then why do we let corporations decide what is innovative or worthwhile?

If basic skills around being literate and numerate are as important as critical thinking and creativity ...

... then why is there so much debate around one approach trumping the other? Don't learners need both?

If reflecting on one's practice is such a big key to improving teaching in the classroom ...

... then why is Twitter so celebrated as a place for instant PD?

If my goal is to contribute to the greater pool of learning via the internet ...

... then why am I publishing such a cynical and hypocritical post?

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9 thoughts on “If Then Why

  1. Graham Wegner

    Actually, I don’t drink so I’ll go for 18 instead. Seriously, if you are ever in Adelaide and would like a hit at a pretty good course, let me know. It might be more enjoyable than a Twitter meetup!

    1. Darren Draper

      I really like your questions, Graham.

      I also don’t drink and would love to play 18 on any continent. I’ve never been to Austrailia, but if I ever make it your way, I’d love to swing the clubs together. I’ll bring my own, though. I’m left handed.

      1. Graham Wegner

        I would make a high priority to cross your path, Darren, if I were to ever scrape the dollars together and organise family commitments and go on one of the ACCE study tours that take in the ISTE conference. Maybe as my kids get older and less dependent…

  2. Sui Fai John Mak

    Hi Graham,
    Your questions on “why” stimulated me to reflect on my “y” role here http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/tag/role-of-educators/page/11/ that I once shared.
    “If my goal is to contribute to the greater pool of learning via the internet …

    … then why am I publishing such a cynical and hypocritical post?” Why would you think your post is cynical and hypocritical? What assumptions have you made? I have written a post on Assumption Theory, which I would like to ask myself: Why am I making such assumptions when reading other’s post. So why are there assumptions made in the If- then- why?
    I would also like to ask why there are so many guides written by educators, and why so many people seem NOT to read, or even follow? Why am I visiting you here? Curiosity? Resonance? Why would I like to visit you again?
    Finally, that is also why I have posted in my post of the role of a teacher years ago the why – why role of the educators.
    Thanks for sharing your great whys

    1. Graham Wegner

      The last if then why is a bit of a safeguard against taking my own ideas too seriously, some self sabotage, if you like. I don’t want to come across as some opinionated hard liner – so I inject a bit of self-deprecation to soften what might be treading on other people’s strongly held beliefs. I enjoy the fact that my questions are spawning further questions from you.

  3. Alan Levine

    The answer to the last one.. “Because you can.”

    How is cynicism not adding to the grander pool of learning? We need more questioners, not yes people.


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