This Is The Only Lily Allen Song I Like

... and this is a nice treatment of that song.

Lily Allen "The Fear." mk II from phil tidy on Vimeo.

2000 people from around the UK were filmed singing The Fear for this promo for Lily Allen which was part of an Xbox Sing it with Lips game campaign.

Video directed by Caswell Coggins and produced by Phil Tidy,

The Rumpus Room provided the post production magic to make this work.

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4 thoughts on “This Is The Only Lily Allen Song I Like

    1. Graham Wegner

      I wonder if she has seen this one herself. She’s not really that unique in the music industry with her perspective – very few major artists are prepared to share their music and earn a living in other ways. The big record companies are hanging onto this with their fingertips.

      1. Peter

        Artists with major labels can’t share their music as they sold such rights away.

        However, most artists signed to major labels want their music shared because A) they don’t make money selling records under their contract and B) sharing means exposure and exposure leads to more ticket sales for live shows (where they can make money). Allen seems to be an outspoken minority. Most artists clam up as they don’t want to piss off the labels or face fan backlash.

        Here’s some more Dan Bull.

  1. Chad

    Don’t give up on your start page. I still use mine everyday. It is so much easier to organize things and I guess I still get used to knowing and want to know where everything is all the time (and I’m a closet pageflakes user myself).


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