Daily Archives: September 21, 2010


I've been scouring YouTube for documentaries to be part of our current inquiry unit for the classroom "What Are You Listening To?" One of the key understandings is Music is an industry and in that search I've been watching a number of promising clips from the Classic Albums television series (which aired on SBS here down under a few years back). I found an episode that is about the making of Pink Floyd's classic album Dark Side Of The Moon, and a quote from Roger Waters talking about his thinking when composing the lyrics for the song "Time" is applicable to anyone interested in the process of learning - and living.

I suddenly realised then that year that life was already happening. I think it's 'cos my mother was so obsessed with education and the idea that childhood and adolescence and well, everything was about preparing for a life that was gonna start later. And I suddenly realised that life wasn't going to start later, that it'd, you know, it starts at ...dot ... and it happens all the time and at any point you can grasp the reins and start guiding your own destiny. And that was a big revelation to me. I mean, it came as quite a shock.